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Gas Bottle Heaters


Isopad gas bottle heaters have been designed specifically to solve the issues associated with gas usage in cold climates i.e. gas separation, gas liquefaction and reduced capacity. There are two versions available, a heavy duty metal version which is based on the same technology as our metal drum heater and is suitable for use in hazardous areas and a soft lagged, gas bottle heater.

Key Benefits:

  • Process temperature up to 120°C with short heating times.
  • (Application spectrum also for irregular shapes.)
  • Customized design.
  • Ideal solution when space is limited.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Highly efficient solutions with a perfect combination of performance, insulation and temperature control.
  • Energy efficient layout by customized design.
  • Long lifetime thanks to the continual high production quality and optimized control of the heating cables.
  • Complete order processing and production of heating cables and heating tapes in Heidelberg (Made in Germany)
Komplette Auftragsbearbeitung und Fertigung der Heizleitungen und Heizbänder am Standort Heidelberg (Made in Germany)


Metal gas bottle heater - Physical design

Isopad gas bottle heaters have a unique “clam shell” design and castors so that heaters can simply be wheeled up to and closed around the gas bottle, eliminating overhead lifting. The clam shell design allows the heater to be stored open, against a wall taking up less space. Castors are antistatic and have parking brakes to prevent heater movement while in use. Manufactured in heavy gauge sheet steel with a double skin construction, housing the electric heating elements that cover the entire inner surface. The heating elements are provided with reinforced thermal insulation to prevent heat loss through the outer wall. Inner walls are painted with a thermally conductive paint to provide maximum heat transfer.

Heating in hazardous areas

Isopad gas bottle heaters carry IECEx and ATEX system approval. Hazardous area approved designs are equipped with a self-regulating heating system negating the need for a separate temperature limiting device.

Soft lagged, gas bottle heater

Isopad soft jacket gas bottle heaters are available in different gas cylinder sizes with a 240 V power supply. Fixed with a hook and loop Velcro fastening and insulated with glass silk cloth, these heaters feature a grounded heating element.

Our service

Includes all steps from the inquiry to the implementation of customer-specific requirements, including the performance calculation, selection of heating type, temperature control, accessories, installation advice and after sales service. 


Soft lag gas bottle heater IGB-G (to 66°C)

Isopad IGB-G soft jacket gas bottle heaters are designed to wrap around a gas bottle and heat the contents while insulating, to keep the heat exactly where it needs to be.  


Waste associated with condensed gas can be reduced by heating gas cylinders. Gases known to benefit from this process are SF6, propane, nitrogen, oxygen, BCl3, WF6, and HF. These heaters are available in different gas cylinder sizes with a 240 V power supply. Isopad offers a variety of different versions, which can be tailored individually to the application.

Hazardous area gas bottle heaters FIGB-SR (to 120°C)

Gases today are usually supplied in metal bottles and whilst the removal of the gas is no problem in many applications, in the case of higher-quality gases the cylinder needs to be heated to guarantee complete removal of all of the gas.  


The heaters keep the bottles free from ice, maintain a constant pressure within the bottle, and enable the gas to be kept at an optimum processing temperature. In hazardous area conditions, additional safety is recommended. These gas bottle heaters are designed to control gaseous media within their classified area and temperature class. These heaters are fully system approved by Baseefa according to the latest standards of ATEX and IECEx. They can be used in hazardous or ordinary, non-hazardous, areas. A solid metal housing provides full protection against external forces. Self regulating heating cables ensure safe operation within the several temperature classes additionally controlled by a mechanical thermostat for maintaining individual required gas temperature. Quicksnap fasteners and castors provide ease of installation around the gas bottle.


  • ClipOn Gas Line Heater to prevent condensation in the gas line
    ISOPAD gas line heaters are designed to control temperature to prevent medium condensation in the gas line. Cleanroom compatible heating solution for pipelines starting at ¼ inch to be plugged in and connected.
  • Drum Heaters
    If media are stored in drums before processing can begin, most media require heating to reduce viscosity and to enable the liquid or semi-liquid be easily removed from the drum.
  • Filtering Heating Solutions
    Filtration is essential in many different processes throughout almost every industry in terms of separation and prevention.
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