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Heating Systems for Gasbottles in a Gasturbine Power Plant

For the Ignition of the Turbine it was necessary to use the gas of a battery of 8 bottles. A stable gasflame of a minimum of 150 seconds is necessary to start the turbine. In addition the pressure rating was at about 15 to 16 bars. To ensure the bottles did not start icing up during the fast unloading process and to avoid any pressure loss they needed to be preheated for about 1.5 hours.
Another requirement was the use of the heaters within hazardous area environment.
Based on the System Approval from Isopad for Gasbottle Heaters it was possible to design a customized solution.
Under normal standard conditions the heating systems are standing on the ground as a mobile unit. Opening and Closing is realized via hinges and fasteners. To install the heating units in the power plant in Yemen it was necessary to mount the backside on the wall. To enable loading and unloading of the bottles the front part had to be installed via hangers. Also the heating units had to be wall mounted since the bottles were hanging in a weighing devices above the ground to monitor the amount of gas being used during operation. In addition the space between the bottles was very limited so all junction boxes and controller units had to be assembled accordingly.


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